The breakthrough secret 
 to supernatural market timing

What if you suddenly had the ability to masterfully pick market tops and bottoms in the S&P 500? Not just the longer-term monthly and weekly reversals, but the daily, hourly, 15 minute, and 5 minute tops and bottoms as well? Day in and day out. Infinitely into the future, and with stunning accuracy? Wouldn't that newfound ability completely transform your trading ...and change everything? You'd better believe it would!

While others struggle with the market's twists and turns, YOUR trades would be placed at sure-fire market turning points, both tops and bottoms, with uncanny, repeatable precision.* Then, as prices turn in your favor, you exit your positions, you guessed it... the next market turning point!

With your newfound timing mastery, your trading would take on an unusual calm, a gracefulness even...because you now possess a bold new understanding of exactly when and where market tops and bottoms will occur. And that understanding gives you an incredible advantage. An advantage that suddenly changes everything... especially your trading results!

Stunning Market Timing is Now Possible!

Sound impossible? It may have been in the past. But all that is about to change … fast. Because what I'm about to tell you can revolutionize your trading practically overnight...and perhaps your entire lifestyle! I'm not kidding one bit. This might be a little long, but I believe it's the most important information a trader could ever get.

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I am overwhelmed by how amazing Reflected Wave Is As a Methodology. I Just Wanted to Thank You for Your Generosity for Sharing Reflect Wave and Giving Me This Wonderful Tool. I'm Seeing so Many Opportunities for the Future! Laila, England

The Experts Have Been Wrong!

Look, many 'market experts' claim that predicting market tops and bottoms is all but impossible. They profess that forecasting the market correctly would require you to know what each trader will do beforehand. And that's impossible. Or so their theory goes.

And's plainly obvious to you, me and everyone else that the best place to buy the market is at the bottom, and the best place to sell the market is at the top. Any other entry (or exit) is simply a compromise.

Traders Don't Know About This

So, traders continue to search for the elusive secret to market timing. Some of those attempts include: Cycles, bar counts, candlesticks, pattern recognition, trend lines, overbought/oversold indicators, divergence, oscillators, momentum, moving averages, Bollinger bands, market profile, regression, volume, ADX, Macd, Rsi, stochastics ,support/resistance lines, Vix, tix, Delta, mirrors, moon phases, astrology, tidal rhythms, Elliott Wave, Gann, pitchforks, fractals, elipses, Fibonacci, sacred geometry, musical intervals...whew! ...and the list goes on and on and on.

Perhaps you already use some of those methods in your own trading. That's fine. Some of them may be useful. But, there is only one method more powerful then all of them that will give you the ability to pinpoint market tops and bottoms with nearly supernatural precision ...repeatable on any time frame, day in and day out. And that method isn't mentioned on that list. Or any other list, either! That's because ...

Nobody else knows about it!

Nobody else knows ...that is, until now. Reflected Wave is a revolutionary turning point methodology designed specifically for the S&P emini futures market. It is the result of one man's penetrating market study, culminating in a mind-boggling discovery about the future occurrence of market turning points on all time frames. This rare discovery will allow anyone who possesses it to forecast future market tops and bottoms with astonishing accuracy!

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Reflected Wave is a really unique way of looking at the market and determining turning points. Roberts S, Indiana

Correctly Predicts Thousands of Turning Points

Now, you probably haven't heard of Reflected Wave before ...or of David Williams ... the innovative trader/researcher that discovered it. I could have guessed that. Why? Because the Reflected Wave methodology has never been made public ... until now. That means you won't find it in any trading book, magazine or instructional video. In fact, it's not even on any of the billions of websites on the Internet! Go ahead and search Google (or any search engine) for Reflected Wave - you won't find any trading references to it.

But Reflected Wave is very real. And it has correctly predicted thousands of market turning points ...on every imaginable time frame ...since it was first discovered in 1995. I'm talking about turning points that YOU can know about in advance...and that YOU could profit from!

Reflected Wave is fascinating. And it works exactly as you described. I don't know how to thank you!Manni K, England

No Longer Just For the Wealthy Few

But up until now, a privileged group of fortunate traders were the only ones granted the exclusive license to trade with Reflected Wave.

You see, back in 1995 this group of veteran traders witnessed a private, behind-the-scenes demonstration of Reflected Wave. They sat and watched transfixed, as Reflected Wave absolutely nailed one market turning point after another... both tops and bottoms...on various time frames, during a live, multi-day market demonstration.

Seasoned Traders Blown Away!

What these seasoned traders witnessed must have impressed them... because they gladly paid $25,000 ... each ... (you read that right) for the privilege of learning the beautiful secret behind Reflected Wave. Each of these men and women were blown away by what they had learned ...and sworn to complete secrecy ...both by their word, and an exhaustive legal agreement.

Now, $25,000 is a lot of money for any trading system. That's for sure. But for the past 15 years Reflected Wave has remained these traders most jealously guarded trading secret! And believe me, you'd keep it a secret too ... if you were lucky enough to be one of them.

Here's What YOU Can Do With Reflected Wave!

Now, fast-forward to today. Would you like to know when the next daily market top will occur - and sell it short for a sharp decline? Or, how about buying the next hourly bottom - and nailing a fast 8 point advance? Look no further than Reflected Wave ...because it does all that ...and much, much more. Take a look at some of the amazing turning points YOU could soon be tradimg with Reflected Wave!

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With the confidence I got from Reflected Wave I feel I can trade in any market successfully. Chris M, Kentucky

And that's just a typical example . There are thousands more! Reflected Wave is revolutionary and gives YOU the ability to easily and quickly:

  • Determine exactly when the next market top or bottom should occur on any time frame (5 min., 60 min. daily, weekly, monthly etc.) ...everything from minor to major reversals...
  • Is predictive by nature and pinpoints the exact price bar the next market reversal will occur on. You'll know days, weeks and even months in advance when to place a trade...
  • Correctly forecasts whether the next turning point will be a top or a bottom ... (nothing else at any price can give you this)...
  • Is 100 percent objective. Your turning point indications are as accurate as mine...
  • Turning point forecasts do not change once they are issued...
  • Timing accuracy is +/-1 bar*, and is virtually the same on each time frame...

  • Is tradable in real time. Allows you to go long or short far ahead of most indicators...
  • It has worked the exactly the same for decades...
  • Other than the original group of traders trained by Mr. Williams, nobody else knows about Reflected Wave!

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Reflected Wave Is a Very Different and Powerful New Trading Tool Randall M, Michigan

So, whether you like trading the 5 minute swings or the massive daily, weekly and monthly reversals, you can finally stop your search. This is it. And it really works!

Pretty amazing, don't you agree?

Finally Solve the Turning Point Puzzle

You certainly won't find anyone else who can make these claims ...and back them up with hard proof. That's why, if you're really serious about finally solving the turning point puzzle, you have absolutely no other choice ...only Reflected Wave can do all this for your trading!

It doesn't matter what kind of trading style you have now ...or what kind of trading tools you're currently using. Once you understand the real reason why markets turn ...on every time frame will crack open an avalanche of potential trading profits that you can no longer afford to miss!

You Will Learn The Most Powerful Turning Point Secret!

Look, something this good is rarely talked about - and is certainly never sold to the public.

And, that's why, from the day he discovered it in 1995, Mr. Williams never published Reflected Wave. So don't hold your breath waiting for a Reflected Wave E-book or CD to show up at stores near you. That's not going to happen.

Wow! Look what Reflected Wave can do!Egidius, Netherlands

But now a rare replay of 15 years ago, Mr. Williams has broken his vow of silence and has agreed to mentor a select number of new, serious market students in his trailblazing Reflected Wave methodology. YES ...he means traders just like you! And YES ….YOU can finally learn the the most powerful secret to market timing ever!

A seminar 15 years in the making!

And so, on the weekend of May 2nd, 2015, behind the closed doors of a luxurious, private conference room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, a select number of fortunate traders will be granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn Reflected Wave and master market timing for once and all! Not from a CD or E-book, but under the direct tutelage of Mr. David Williams, himself. In a mere 2 days these students will achieve what most traders only dream about ... the ability to call market tops and bottoms on virtually any time frame with stunning accuracy!

Nothing will be held back! Within the very first hour of the seminar Mr. Williams will show you exactly how Reflected Wave works ...and how YOU can get in at the start of the big moves and ride them for all they're worth! In real markets. In real time.

Shouldn't you be there?

Skeptics Invited!

Even if you're the most hard-nosed skeptic, you'll quickly experience your own 'instant perception' during this extraordinary two-day seminar. That's the moment when, in spite of your initial doubts you suddenly comprehend that:

A: Reflected Wave actually works! (It really does call market tops and bottoms on every time frame with repeatable, stunning accuracy) and it will work for you exactly as presented...

B: And ... because A is absolutely true suddenly can't wait to trade the next Reflected Wave turning point! You now know reflected wave is a game changer and that your trading will never be the same.

Compelling Proof

I know it may be difficult to believe everything you've read here ...that is, until you understand the beautiful secret of Reflected Wave ...and see the compelling proof for yourself.

That's why its proven to you with over 100 charts of the S&P futures (and even stocks) displaying hundreds of market turning points from virtually every time frame. The secret of Reflected Wave is clearly revealed on each of these charts. And once you know the secret, you'll instantly be able to verify that you could have called every one of those market turning points yourself! Bingo! Seeing really is believing!

And I'm not talking about showing you some old charts from 15 years ago. No way. I'm talking about proving it with hundreds of Reflected Wave turning points from 2011 and 2012 alone! These recent turning points are indisputable proof that Reflected Wave works in today's markets …and that it is the REAL secret to market timing!

Improves any trading system you have!

You'll also learn how Reflected Wave can make a fantastic improvement to your current, already existing trading system. Does your system attempt to buy pullbacks inside an uptrend? Reflected wave can forecast the exact price bar the pullback will end on, handing you an almost perfect potential trade entry! The same is true for nailing near-perfect entries on the short side of the market, as well.

Remember, Reflected Wave ISN'T based on Fib retracements, ISN'T based on Fib time counts, ISN'T based on Elliott wave, ISN'T based on fractals, ISN'T based on pattern recognition, ISN'T based on cycles, ISN'T based on bar counts, mirrors, Gann, astrology, Delta etc. etc. etc.

I hope you're getting the picture that Reflected Wave makes child's play of every other turning point methodology ...and gives YOU the most powerful turning point method on the planet any price!

The secret of Reflected Wave

If you've read this far, you're certainly interested. Maybe intrigued. Perhaps a little skeptical. And probably more than curious about how Reflected Wave really works. Of course, the secret will be revealed in full at the seminar. But for now, here's a little teaser for you to mull over. It might be a good idea to be sitting down.

Okay, ...I hope you're ready.

Here it is: Nearly every market turning point - no matter what time frame it occurs on - happens for the exact same reason!

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After taking your Master Forecaster Course, I couldn't find any imperfections. There were not even little things to suggest improving on! Theodore C, California

That's right. It doesn't matter if it's a 15 minute chart, a daily chart or yearly chart. The market turns on each time frames for the exact same reason! And that's why Reflected Wave work so well ... it exposes that single reason … and prompts YOU to buy or sell at just the right moment!

Without Reflected Wave, the real reason the market turns remains hidden and you're forced to do what everyone else does ...GUESS!

Reflected Wave is automatic!

Now here's the best part! To be absolutely sure that Reflected Wave works in YOUR trading exactly as I've described it, Mr. Williams has provided a commonly available market indicator (obtainable in most charting platforms) which instantly displays each forecast Reflected Wave top or bottom real time. In other words, you'll see the Reflected Wave reversal signals appear right on your own charts...automatically! There are no calculations of any kind to for you do ...ever!

That means you can simply sit back and let the Reflected Wave indicator do all the work for you! When the next market top or bottom is displayed on your chart, you simply take the trade! You'll instantly know what to do ...and when to do it. It couldn't be any easier!

So, you don't have to be a genius or have special skills to make Reflected Wave work. No drawing trendlines, arcs, circles, triangles, squares, grids etc. either. With the Reflected Wave indicator on your screen, you'll know exactly when the next top or bottom will occur, at a glance!

Proof it Really Works ...Guaranteed!

The burden of proof is now on Mr. Williams shoulders. I've done my best to tell you about Reflected Wave. But I also understand that it may be hard to believe until you see Reflected Wave nailing market tops and bottoms right on your own screen. So Mr. Williams is offering you this risk-free invitation:

Mr. Williams can make this guarantee because Reflected Wave really works! It has worked for his original students for the last 15 years ...and that's pretty compelling evidence that Reflected Wave will continue working for you, too!

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I made $1600 per contract catching the top in natural gas utilizing Reflected Wave. HC, Canada

It's Easy to Reserve Your Seminar Seat

You can get to the secrets only by clicking here for instant online seminar registration.

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I'm sure you'll agree, Reflected Wave is quite an accomplishment. It's truly a masterpiece of market timing . One powerful enough to allow YOU to finally live life on your own terms. Remember, other than Mr. William's 100 original students, nobody else knows the Reflected Wave turning point secret!

So, it's not available elsewhere, including any of the billions of websites on the Internet.

You should understand that a turning point methodology as powerful, exclusive and original as Reflected Wave ... and one that required as much research, time and money to discover ...doesn't come cheap. Nothing of true value ever does. That's why Mr. William's original students were willing to pay $25,000 for it.

But, Mr. Williams has made the price reasonable for this one that a limited number of new, serious traders can experience the same unbelievable trading opportunities that his wealthy clients have enjoyed for the past 15 years.

It's a one-time $6995 for the two-day Reflected Wave seminar, taught live by Mr. Williams.

That price covers;

2 days of live, Reflected Wave training at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada by Mr David Williams, inside a private conference room, (approx.4 hours per day) utilizing an easy-to-see, super large, 81 inch clear digital projection screen and sound system...

The Reflected Wave indicator ...

A beautiful full leather Reflected Wave notebook containing the 100+ 2011 proof charts plus dozens of Reflected Wave teaching examples, tips and tricks printed in color, live at the seminar…

Delicious Lunch, snacks and beverages provided on both days ...

3 total hours of after-the- seminar online support (via webinar) to answer any questions, along with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Reflected Wave.

There are no ongoing fees or anything else you'll be asked to buy.

Any questions? 1-888-231-4702

Obviously, this offer is not meant for everyone. If the cost is prohibitive, then it's probably not for you. But cost is a relative term, isn't it? It's not nearly as costly as taking your next trade (and the next, etc.) WITHOUT Reflected Wave! That's for sure. It's also not as expensive as wasting the next 5 years trying to figure it out on your own...and missing thousands of potentially profitable turning points to boot.

Remember, you won't find the secret of Reflected Wave offered anywhere else any price, except right here ... and right now.

The cost of the Reflected Wave seminar just a one-time fee. Had you taken a few trades shown in the chart examples they might have easily paid for the seminar many times over!

For those bold enough to take advantage of this rare, once-in-15-year seminar offer and simply put their doubts aside, you'll have a nearly supernatural turning point method that could generate some very serious trades for you for many years to come!

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P.S. Seating is extremely limited. It's anticipated that, much like 15 years ago, many savvy, well-funded traders will grab up every available seminar seat whatever the price. That's why you should take advantage of this offer right now!

Late registrations will be promptly refunded. There is no guarantee there will be any further Reflected Wave seminars offered.

Don't wait. Registrations will absolutely fill up quickly. Lock in your seat registration today! Sign up now!

* Timing accuracy can not be guaranteed for all market conditions. Please read trading disclaimer before purchase.

The RW seminar was the absolute best experience I had in 2013...personal, career, or trading. Moreover, as a "small" account attendee, this seminar gave me the perspective & confidence that I can trade with anyone as long as I stayed diligent with RW. Last but not least, spending the weekend w/ David & learning from his experience was a delight. I'm appreciative of his time...and I paid him for it! Thank you for a great seminar. Chris M. 01/2014

The more time I use Reflected Wave the more phenomenal it is! David W, California 9/4/2013

Reflected Wave is really amazing! Peter C, California

Reflected wave gives you a very high level of certainty that a market turn will occur on a certain date or hour. It's amazing. Stan B, California

What you've done is so fantastic. I wish I would've met you many years ago! Lars O, Sweden

There should be a statue made of you and put on Wall Street! Vincent L, Louisiana

Just fantastic! Ryszard S, Poland

Reflected Wave is beautiful! Steven C, California

I really like what I see with Reflected Wave. Bradley G, Canada