Meet Mr. David Williams

For the past 20 years Mr. Williams has pioneered a number of original, breakthrough market forecasting techniques, including Reflected Wave that, quite frankly, put him into a league all his own. He's the real deal ...and traders know it. Today's market technicians are flat-out mystified by the unusual nature and accuracy of his mind bending market calls!

Mind bending? On June 3rd 2010 Mr. Williams forecast: 'If the S&P does'nt touch $1111.00 on June 4th it will immediately crash 64 points to $1047.00.' This forecast was broadcast live on public radio to listeners in 20 countries. And it's a matter of record that on June 4th the S&P topped at $1107.75 (below $1111.00) and then immediately crashed 64 points to an exact session low of $1047.00, one day later! Wow!

He has made thousands of similar market calls ...with similarly stunning results on public radio and the Internet. In fact, you may have seen some of them yourself.

There are only a handful of people in the world who might be able to duplicate what Mr. Williams does with the markets... and most of those were already taught by him!

Listen to what industry heavy hitters have said:

Lawrence McMillan, Trader's Hall of Fame inductee, best selling market author and 30+ year market veteran publicly distinguished Mr. William's forecasting skills as "Nothing short of incredible".

Larry Jacobs, editor of Trader's World magazine and winner of the 2001 World Cup championship of stock trading wrote "I followed several of Mr. William's market forecasts and was extremely impressed."

Tom Joseph, president and developer of Advanced Get (now an E signal product), spent a year attempting to decipher Mr. William's forecasting methods (including flying to his home in Boulder city, Nevada), after Mr. Williams provided him with a number of near perfect market calls.

So buckle your seminar seatbelts ... because Mr. Williams (and Reflected Wave) will blow your mind!